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  • Who are the events aimed at?
    They are events held exclusively for adults with a liberal mind who are already in the Swinger environment or want to start experiencing this liberal and taboo-free environment.
  • What types of events do you hold?
    Our events are safe spaces for adults only, to enjoy sexuality and freedom. Many times they are themed parties for one night or several days.
  • Is it only for couples?
    At our events we accept singles (single men) and unicorns (single women) as long as their profiles can be verified. In the case of men, verification is mainly sought from a partner or from pages like SDC.
  • Where is the event?
    Our events are generally held in hotels, it varies depending on the event. It is generally between Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, Cozumel
  • Are there rules?
    The main rules in all our events: - Do not take photos or videos without consent - Respect and coordiality - Don't forget your condoms - Pick up your trash, especially your condoms. - NO means NO
  • What times are the events?
    It depends if they are events for one night or the entire weekend. If they are at night it is generally from 8 to 1 AM, then there is a playroom all night for those who want to extend the party.
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